Citrine + Labrador

Kristina Lorentz
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History: Labrador was first found in the 18th century on Labrador Island in Canada. It quickly gained popularity in Europe for jewelry and decorative elements in the families of monarchs. Citrine was known in antiquity but gained popularity in the Middle Ages and was considered a gemstone. It was considered a symbol of sunlight, which brings joy and prosperity.

Its qualities were considered to be: Love, trust, flexibility of mind.

Meaning of the bracelet: Citrine and Labrador - help conduct business in a feminine way. The magical beauty of the bracelet attracts attention, and endows its owner with charisma, charm and wisdom. Powerful energy of action rushes into your life, there will be strength to do what you've been waiting a long time, and what you put off. There will appear the inspiration to implement projects and the opportunity to realize the creative potential hidden in every woman. Certainly, your self-esteem will rise, and confidence in your abilities will increase. You will feel that the best possible situations are happening to you. A cozy domestic hearth will be kindled in the family, laughter and joy will be your companions, as your talisman will be the sunlight in the Citrine and Labrador bracelet.

Influence on the charkas:
- Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra) - responsible for will, strength, communication and manifestation of self in society.
- Svadhisthanna (pelvic chakra) - sexual energy, pleasure, feelings

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Collection: Finance

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