Malachite and Green Agate

Kristina Lorentz
Collection: Finances

The bracelet helps the wearer to become more confident and persistent, make informed decisions, find non-standard approaches, keep a sharp mind.

This bracelet will also be useful for creative people, contributing to concentration, inspiration and development of imagination.
It is a unique source of energy and recharge a person, will give strength to pursue goals.

Strengthens and Harmonizes the influence of the planet: Saturn.

Influences on the chakras: Influences Anahata (heart chakra), openness and love for people, improves the cardiovascular system, encourages sensitivity.

Interesting Facts: The largest collection of malachite in the Russian Empire was owned by Count N. P. Rumyantsev. It is historically attested that during the War of 1812 it was sought out by Napoleon, who dreamed of taking it to France - but never did. The most beautiful and high quality malachite is mined in the Urals.
In 20 years, the Urals deposits will be completely exhausted.
Malachite will be extremely rare and even more precious stone.

Kristina Lorentz!

Collection: Finance

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