Kristina Lorentz
Collection: Finance

History: Kyanite is a jewelry stone mined in Brazil, Kenya, the United States and India. One of the few stones that do not need to remove negative energy, these stones cope with its processing by itself. Has a general tonic effect on the body.

Meaning of the bracelet: Kyanite - a stone with a very strong energy of action. For this power no obstacles. Bracelet for men who are ready to realize their projects as quickly as possible. This bracelet will help remove all obstacles in the way, will give confidence and strength of spirit. Will help find purpose and arrange the finances. Keeps negative emotions.

Effect on the chakras:
-Svadhisthana (Temene chakra) -develops spirituality, stimulates brain function.
- Ajna (Frontal chakra) - promotes realization of ideas, stimulates activity in the physical world.

Kristina Lorentz!

Collection: Finance

Collection: Men

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