Tiger Eye and Ruby

Kristina Lorentz
Collection: Finance

History: The Indian people valued ruby on a par with pearls and diamonds, "the greatest stones in the world. The term "ruby" became known in 1747. Ruby was believed to have the power and ability to influence people.

Activates qualities: stability, groundedness, responsibility, calculation.

Meaning of the bracelet: Ruby and Tiger Eye - the energy of these stones can turn a woman into a true guardian of family financial well-being. A sense of protection and security, support in the opening of a new business or the realization of a goal, everything will be up to the task. Creative potential will open up, innate talents will begin to manifest. All of this will certainly make you resilient and lead to financial freedom.

Chakra influence:
- Anahata (Heart chakra) - promotes the opening of sensitivity, trust, empathy.

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Collection: Finance

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