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History: Beryl has been known since the 12th century and is considered a variety of emerald. In the East, beryls were considered magical stones, conducting life-giving energy into the body and withdrawing negative energy.

Activates qualities: realization of long-term family relationships maternity (reproductive system) feminine wisdom.

The meaning of the bracelet: Beryl - the energy of femininity, motherhood, strong family hearth. For a woman who is ready for long-term relationships, giving birth and raising children. Beryl improves the reproductive system, awakens true feminine wisdom

Effect on the chakras:
- Influences Anahata (heart chakra), openness and love for people, improves the cardiovascular system, encourages sensitivity.
- Manipurna (solar plexus chakra) - enhances will, aspiration, manifestation in society.

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Collection: Love

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