Rose Quartz

Kristina Lorentz
Collection: Love

History: Quartz is one of the most common minerals on our planet, through layers of quartz in nature flows life-giving water springs.

Activates the qualities: creativity, openness, soothes breakups (heals the broken heart), helps to survive love traumas.

Meaning of the bracelet: Rose Quartz - bracelet softens the heart, fills its wearer with kindness and joy. Helps to bring lightness and clarity to relationships. With a light heart to let go of what is already time to let go.

Influence on the chakras:
- Svadhisthana (Temene chakra) - develops spirituality, stimulates brain activity.
- Ajna (Frontal chakra) - promotes realization of ideas, stimulates activity in the physical world.

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Kristina Lorentz!

Collection: Love

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