Blue agate

Kristina Lorentz
Collection: Love

History: Agate has been known since the 4th century BC, in ancient Rome it was the stone of the goddess of fertility, Pomona. The energy of the stone gives an impetus to prosperity, abundance, and fertility. Blue agate is said to have a positive effect on the thyroid gland.

Activates the qualities: tenderness, sensuality, charm, true femininity.

Meaning of the bracelet: Blue agate includes femininity, lightness, charm, creative energy. A true woman is fragile and graceful on the outside, and strong on the inside. Only her inner strength allows her to be gentle, weak and feminine, to receive attention and care from men. This is the inner strength of the bracelet with blue agate. It protects against unnecessary people, tears off the mask, protects from unnecessary spending, strengthens self-confidence, helps to introspection for a quality and conscious life.

Zodiac signs: Taurus and Gemini

Effects on the chakras: harmonizes the Vishudha chakra (throat chakra), helping to protect against raspyrotic diseases, and endow the wearer with eloquence, to unleash creativity.

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Collection: Love

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