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Collection: "Health".

Activates: Soul warmth and enhances intuition.
It is also called the "amazon stone" - the "moon" mineral. Even inveterate feminists and challdefree women can be turned to the true feminine purpose: motherhood, affection, and marriage.

Contributes to lucid dreams, enhances intuition, reveals SPIRIT of the possessor. Smoothes negative traits: selfishness, anger, pride. It removes unnecessary anxiety and bad thoughts.
As it is a stone of the planet Venus it has a positive effect on health and appearance, lithotherapists endow the mineral with the following properties:

Slows the aging process
  • It eliminates weight gain (optimization of metabolism plus stimulation of the production of fat-burning enzymes);
  • Strengthens hair, teeth, nails;
  • Makes the skin healthy and beautiful:
  • Removes rashes, pigmentation, cellulite.

Strengthens and harmonizes the influence of the planets:
Venus and Mercury.

Influences on the Chakras: Controls the Vishudha chakra (throat chakra), promotes a sense of satisfaction with yourself and the world.
Influences the Anahata (heart chakra), openness and love for people, improves the cardiovascular system, stimulates sensitivity.

Interesting Facts: Amazonite is named after its location in the sediments of the Amazon River. Oral synonym for Amazonian stone. Amazonite was first discovered in 1783 by French mineralogist Romain de Lille in the Amazon basin and named it Amazon Stone. In another version, it was named after the Amazonian women-warriors, a mythical people.

Kristina Lorentz!

Collection: Health

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