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History: Jasper is one of the most common gemstones known to mankind since ancient times. The best examples of the mineral originated from the effects of volcanic lava on rocks and soil. There is also such a jasper, which was formed at the bottom of the world's oceans. The first Christians dedicated jasper to the Apostle Peter, making it an emblem of fortitude.

Activates the qualities: Restoring energy, communication with people, increasing knowledge (mental activity).

The meaning of the bracelet: Bracelet of Jasper carries the energy of communication, reveals creativity, contributes to the multiplication of knowledge. Activates the brain, gives an additional boost of energy, contributes to a favorable negotiation. Helps to concentrate attention and open the invisible to the eyes. Highly recommended for people who have little vitality, present absent-mindedness, inattention

Influence on the chakras: Vishudha chakra (throat chakra) - responsible for the manifestation of oneself in society, eloquence and manifestation of talents.

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Collection: Health

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