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History: Amethyst is a semi-precious stone of the quartz family. It comes in lilac, purple-blue and pink. It is mined mainly in Brazil, Uruguay and Asian countries. Deposits of amethyst are also found in Russia, on the Kola Peninsula, in the Urals, and in Yakutia. And the Ural amethysts are considered one of the most beautiful.
This is one of the most favorite stones of collectors, and it can be seen on many well-known jewelry pieces. For example, a big amethyst is among the stones of the British crown. Christians are very fond of this stone. Orthodox icons have long been decorated with amethysts, as this stone is a symbol of humility and modesty, purity and chastity. The gold ring with amethyst given in medieval times to the priest when he was ordained a cardinal.

Activates the qualities: intuition, peace, self-knowledge.

Effect on the chakras:
-Sahasrara (Temne chakra)-develops spirituality, stimulates brain function.
-Ajna (Frontal chakra) - promotes realization of ideas, stimulates activity in the physical world.

The spiritual path requires purity of heart, steadfastness, confidence and faith.
On this journey, support and a reminder of purpose are essential to the wayfarer. Amethyst bracelet sharpens intuition, clears the way to the heart by filling it with kindness and love.

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Collection: Spirituality

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