MALA Amethyst and Rock Crystal

Kristina Lorentz
Collection: Spirituality

Gem: Amethyst
Description: The spiritual path requires purity of heart, steadfastness, confidence and faith. On this journey, support and a reminder of purpose are essential to the wayfarer. Amethyst bracelet sharpens intuition, clears the way to the heart by filling it with kindness and love.
Influence on the chakras:
Sahasrara (Dark chakra) - develops spirituality, stimulates the brain.
Ajna (Frontal chakra) - promotes realization of ideas, stimulates activity in the physical world

Stone:  Rock crystal.
Description: Rock crystal is a stone of sages and visionaries, its possessor can help in the process of using in life the knowledge obtained earlier. It is an excellent memory stimulant, concentrates attention.
Influence on the chakras:
Affects the parietal chakra (sahasrara), and helps to purify and activate all chakras and purify the colors of the aura as a whole.

Production 5 working days

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