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History: Dark red gemstones were very popular with the rulers of Ancient Egypt. Its fame reached as far back as Persia and the Roman Empire. This gem was used for decorating cups and different elements in the palaces. Warriors encrusted it on their armor and weapons, as it was the symbol of victory in any battle. Its name (from the Latin "grantus") is derived from its resemblance to the fruit of the pomegranate tree.

In this sense, it is the fruit of the pomegranate tree, which is also known as the pomegranate tree.

Influence on the chakras:
Muladhara(Root chakra)-stability, stability, connection to the lineage.
Svadhisthana (pelvic chakra) - sexual energy, pleasure, feelings.
Pomegranate is a stone of love and passion!

It is said to have long been associated with the power of the garnet to bring joy and relieve sorrow.

The power of the stone is very strong and polar in its effect. He is able to ignite passions, to raise the emotions of anger, if the owner of the bracelet is more prone to such manifestations, it will enhance them.

If the wearer of the bracelet seeks spiritual development, the stone will assist in developing a sense of courage, willpower, faith, self-esteem. The pomegranate ignites love in the heart, its red like blood color speaks of its power.

Kristina Lorentz!

Collection: Spirituality

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