Kristina Lorentz

Collection: Men's

Activates qualities: sexuality, fortitude, control over the senses.

If the owner of the bracelet strives for spiritual development, then the stone will contribute to the development of a sense of courage, will, faith, self-esteem. Pomegranate kindles love in the heart, its blood-red color speaks of its strength.

Helps improve potency.

Influence on energy centers (chakras):

Muladhara (Root Chakra) - stability, stability, connection with the clan.

Svadhisthana (pelvic chakra) - sexual energy, pleasure, feelings. Pomegranate - a stone of love and passion!

Interesting Facts:

Gemstones of dark red color were very popular with the rulers of Ancient Egypt. His fame reached both Persia and the Roman Empire. Cups and various decorative elements in palaces were decorated with this gem. Warriors inlaid their armor and weapons with it, because it was a symbol of victory in any battle. And it got its name (from the Latin "grantus") because of the external resemblance to the fruits of the pomegranate tree.

Kristina Lorentz!

Collection: Men

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