Lava and Shungite

Kristina Lorentz
Men's collection

History: Shungite got its name from the Karelian village of Shunga, where the world's only deposit of this unique mineral is located. Geologists claim that the plates of shungite were formed 2 billion years ago. Due to its uniquely porous shape, it is an excellent natural filter, purifier of negative energy. Peter I issued a decree - to carry shungite and purify water in order to prevent intestinal disorders. Russian historians write that at the time of the Battle of Poltava, shungite saved the Russian army from an epidemic of dysentery. For many centuries, lava has been identified with the heart of the planet, uniting the four elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. This unique substance combines all the natural power, magic, and might of the earth since the eruption of the first volcanoes

Activates: Energy, protection, finance

Meaning of the bracelet: What does every man need? Quick energy replenishment for maximum productivity, protection from negative influences, and opportunities for financial abundance. On these three components and was created bracelet for men. The energy of strong natural minerals for the realization of the most ambitious goals. Realization of potential, success in making deals, sharp vision, strategic thinking - all this includes a bracelet of Lava and Shungite.

Influence on the chakras: Balances all chakras

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Collection: Men

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