Kristina Lorentz
Collection: Men

History: The name Opal comes from the Sanskrit word upala, meaning "precious stone. In the East, Opal was thought to be a stone that could change one's fate. It is a stone of love, faith and compassion.

Meaning of the bracelet:  Opal helps to relieve nervous tension. You can safely call this stone a natural antidepressant. Balances the nervous system, helps to cope with fears, brings out of the comfort zone. Brings its wearer balance, stability, directs his thoughts in a positive wave. With opal bracelet, expanding borders and everything becomes possible. Recommended for people with cardiovascular problems, migraines and mental disorders, gets rid of depression, irritability, neurosis, helps ease the effects of stress.

Zodiacal signs: Pisces

Effect on the chakras: balances all the chakras, creates energy balance.

Kristina Lorentz!

Collection: Men

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