Beryl children's bracelet

Kristina Lorentz

Children's collection

It is especially worth buying beryl in transitional periods for children 3, 7, 13 years old. The difficult transitional age with beryl will pass without consequences, the child behaves by no means aggressively. Beryl helps to negotiate in their favor, as well as to find a common solution to the problem.

The color of the mineral calms and fills with kindness and love, especially recommended for sensitive children.

Helps to establish interaction with parents, peace and love reigned in the family.

Harmonizes and enhances the influence of the planets:

Moon and Mars.

Influence on energy centers (chakras):

• Affects Anahata (heart chakra), openness and love for people, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, stimulates sensitivity.

• Manipurna (Charka of the solar plexus) - enhances the will, aspiration, manifestation in society.

Interesting Facts:

Beryl has been known since the 12th century and is considered a variety of emerald. In the East, beryls were considered magical stones that conduct life-giving energy into the body and remove negative ones.


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Collection: Children

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