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"This is where you come into contact with magic. It's not just jewelry, there's a huge meaning and vibration of minerals in it. Four collections for women are designed to harmonize the main areas of life: Love, Health, Finance and Spiritual Growth. Each collection has four bracelets that reveal the energy of female archetypes: Mistress, Mistress, Queen, Girl. When a woman finds balance inside herself, the whole world is transformed.

The most important thing is to determine what is most important for you now, close your eyes and listen to your heart. It always seems to us that we need everything at once, although a woman's way is the way of small steps.
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Love comes in many forms, some are looking for their soul mate, some need to rekindle their love for themselves, or love for those around them.
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Four bracelets - four states to achieve financial goals.



In today's world, physical activity, a sense of security and peace of mind are the most important things.
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Spiritual growth is the highest degree of human development. Sooner or later, even after getting all the benefits, people start looking for something more. Are you ready to search for the real you?

"For Men"

"For Kids"

The most important thing for men is quick recovery, financial abundance and protection.
All children are different, some are fidgety and like to be in sight, but it is difficult for them to concentrate. Some are always sitting on the sidelines, afraid to attract attention. Some are very creative and sensitive. What is your child like?
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Your astrologer will consult your birth information, detailing your request, problem, or concern. The astrologer then determines the cause of the problem or obstacle that stands in the way of what you want.

As a result of the consultation, the astrologer selects natural stones that will activate the right planets and start the process of change in your life.
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Consultation with an Astrologer - 60 minutes
Selection of natural stones
Bracelet assembly
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