Sun Stone

Kristina Lorentz
Collection: Spirituality

History: The sunstone was first used in ancient India and Greece as a magical talisman. It was considered a guide between the world of the living and the dead and was used in the first spiritistic séances. During the Renaissance, the sparkling mineral symbolized the heavenly bodies and was used in astronomical research.

Activates the qualities: intuition, the desire for the divine, self-knowledge.

Meaning of the bracelet: the energy of the Sun Stone triggers the processes of awareness of the situations occurring in life. It seems to open its owner eyes, and directs to the true path of the heart.

Activates qualities: helps to reveal intuition, change the human character for the better, to preserve youth and attractiveness to the opposite sex. The energetic vibrations of the mineral help to lift the mood and fill a person with power.

Sunstone is a powerful amulet that protects against slander, evil eye and misfortune. It should be worn by people with an active lifestyle, who are in constant motion and communicate with many people. The stone will give strength and energy for achievements, protecting them from evil people.

Influence on the chakras:
Vishudha chakra (throat chakra) - responsible for manifesting oneself in society, eloquence and manifestation of talents.
Influences Anahata (heart chakra), openness and love for people, improves the cardiovascular system, induces sensitivity.

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Collection: Spirituality